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Top 11 Writing Tips – The Basics…

For so many people I meet and clients I work for, their idea of absolute hell is being given a blank piece of paper and being told to write something creative.

These days that feeling of dread is ever present as we feeling the pressure to be blogging, tweeting and creating content left, right and centre. So here are my Top 11 Writing Tips below to help you start writing on that blank page…


  1. Be yourself – your tone should reflect who you are, so don’t try to be something you’re not, it’ll just come across as false & be really hard to write.
  2. Quality not quantity – Don’t feel the need to write loads. Think about the length of things you are prepared to read, it’s not much these days – blogs should be 500 words or thereabouts.
  3. How to – When writing blogs try to be useful, helpful and answer a possible customer question. It’s useful for customers and also helps with google rankings.
  4. Free Info – Give away your information or expertise. That way potential customers can try before they buy, as well as getting to know what you’re about.
  5. Break it up – no one likes reading reams of straight copy, it’s boring and we switch off. So break up your copy – I love side headlines and bullet points.
  6. Be accurate – nothing looks more unprofessional than typos.
  7. Have fun – Depending on your type of business don’t forget a sense of humour and personality. If your personality can come through your words it will help consumers buy into you and your product.
  8. Be realistic – Very rarely do you need more than 2 blogs and one newsletter a month. Don’t feel you have to write a blog a day! A one or two a month is achievable and far less daunting.
  9. Try something new – don’t be afraid to try new strategies – send out a newsletter, run a course, write an opinion piece for a magazine.
  10. Go away & come back to it – whatever you’re writing, once you’ve written it and are happy with it, go away for a break, make a cup of tea, pick up the kids, go to sleep but come back to it with fresh eyes after an hour or so and you’ll always find something to improve.
  11. Think ahead! Write an achievable plan and try to stick to it!
Top 11 Writing Tips – The Basics…
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One thought on “Top 11 Writing Tips – The Basics…

  • Great article Emily – each of these tips are so on point. One more tip springs to mind … Be bold!
    In other words, have confidence enough to write what you passionately believe. Many people are afraid to offend/challenge beliefs so they end up writing fluff as a result.

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